Archive for February 15th, 2010

Well, I suck


I, obviously, lost a lot of steam on making comics. All of it, actually. I’m not done making comics, but I don’t think I’m going to renew this URL when it expires in April. If you’re interested in my comics, which I’ll write about below, you should go bookmark my other site, Indecisive Comics.

As far as that site goes, I do intend to start making comics again soon. As the name implies they won’t always be the same concept from comic to comic, but rather I’m going to make comics on various things as I’m compelled to work on them. Also I plan on redoing that site from scratch (which is going to be a pain to upload all those comics again, but that’s my problem.)

So yeah if you’re interested in seeing what I work on in the future, go bookmark Indecisive Comics. Otherwise, thanks for sticking with Made Up for its brief run.