December 21st, 2009


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Well, I suck


I, obviously, lost a lot of steam on making comics. All of it, actually. I’m not done making comics, but I don’t think I’m going to renew this URL when it expires in April. If you’re interested in my comics, which I’ll write about below, you should go bookmark my other site, Indecisive Comics.

As far as that site goes, I do intend to start making comics again soon. As the name implies they won’t always be the same concept from comic to comic, but rather I’m going to make comics on various things as I’m compelled to work on them. Also I plan on redoing that site from scratch (which is going to be a pain to upload all those comics again, but that’s my problem.)

So yeah if you’re interested in seeing what I work on in the future, go bookmark Indecisive Comics. Otherwise, thanks for sticking with Made Up for its brief run.

Hey look colors!

Aaaaaaaaaaand colors. Pretty busy with work this week, so I’m not sure when I’m going to get the next comic up. Hopefully I’ll be able to do one this week. If not, check back on Monday and there’ll be a new one.

Comic Update

Didn’t have a lot of time tonight, but here are the inks for the new comic. Hopefully I’ll have it colored tomo95inksrrow night.


Well no comic today. I’ve got plenty of excuses, but in the end it comes down to the fact that I just didn’t get one done in time. If you see me in person, you can punch me (family and friends excluded, cause I know you’ll take me up on that offer.)
Expect a comic on Monday.

New Comic on MONDAY

Hey there folks. For all of you in America, hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. So Monday November 30th will see the return of comics! Rejoyce. After all my moving I’ve finally started drawing again. I have a much longer commute so I’m not sure how that’s going to affect my ability to produce 3 comics per week, but for now I plan on keeping the same schedule. If anything changes, I’ll let you know, but I’d still at least try to post something 3 times per week even if its 2 comics and 1 day of sketches or something. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now mark your calendars and remember to come back on monday for a new strip.